Friday, March 4, 2011

Babymoon ~ Phase 2

After spending 4 days in the relaxing southern California coast, we made our way north to Beverly Hills.

Again, it was an amazingly unique experience. We stayed at the Beverly Hills hotel which prides itself on being a private place for celebrities or people in the biz. They have a secluded entrance and allow no paparazzi on the premises.

When we arrived, we saw Ashley Olsen here waiting for her car.

It was kinda ironic to be on our twin babymoon and run into one of the Olsen twins.

As we were leaving the hotel one evening, we drove around the corner to find a group of paparazzi sitting on the concrete ledge. They jumped up with their cameras as our car came around the bend. Then they sighed and immediately sat down. Not even a flash of the camera. I wonder what gave us away??

Bob and I spent a good amount of time here in the hotel lobby.

I plopped myself into those big pink chairs, sipped orange and cranberry juice, and gawked away. This was definitely not the place to pull out my big Canon SLR camera but I tried awkwardly to snap a few photos with my iPhone.

This was the best one I got!

It is Steve Martin. (I promise...)

He was at the hotel having lunch with Amy Adams, and Bob and I stood with them outside for a few minutes while waiting for the valet.

I couldn't believe I was standing beside George Banks! I love him! (Hope you have all seen Father of the Bride...)

We saw Denise Richards (who has weirdly skinny legs) and Sylvester Stalone at the hotel.

Then it was time for us to make our late night TV debut.

I arranged for us to have tickets to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Bob didn't really want to go but I convinced him that this was a unique opportunity and it would be cool to go "behind the scenes" of a show. Bob researched it on the internet (of course) and read reviews of others' experiences.

One guy said: They only seat really cool and hip people on the floor of the audience so they can go greet Jay when he walks out on stage. My wife was 5 months pregnant and we got stuck up in the upper levels and couldn't see much.

So, while we were waiting in the lines to go into the studio, we began picking out the "cool and hip" people who would be chosen to sit on the floor. Since I am 7 months pregnant with twins, we thought we would be lucky to even get inside the studio.

But lo and behold, as we entered the studio, the pages pointed for us to bypass the stairs and head into the main entrance. And we soon found ourselves sitting on the studio floor right beside the camera man.

If you know me personally, you know that I am not dramatic or very emotional. I'm pretty reserved and shy away from awkward spotlight opportunities!

As the hosts explained what we would do -- run up to the stage to shake hands with Jay when he came out on stage -- I almost passed out. But before we knew it, the band was playing the theme music and the camera man motioned for us to head to the front of the stage. Here are my 2 seconds of fame!

(You only need to watch the first 40 seconds or so of the video (I am not endorsing the rest of this show. I have on a gray striped sweater and Bob is wearing a light blue shirt.)

Watching the taping was really interesting and tons of fun.

We spent the next day sightseeing in Hollywood. There were lots of preparations taking place for the Oscars which were just a few days away.

Our last night, we headed to Spago, one of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants.

We decided to forego the tasting menu since it didn't quite pan out the last time we did it. As we were waiting for our food, out comes Wolfgang himself.

I was totally surprised since I didn't expect he was actually at the restaurant. He walked over to us, looked at my belly, and said, "I see you've already eaten." How rude! Just kidding. He was really sweet and asked about the pregnancy. When we told him we were having twins, a boy and a girl, he said, "I need your recipe. I can only make boys." Pretty funny.

We flew out the next morning and nervously returned to the real world. We were so excited to see the kids and they seemed to be happy to see us too!

We are now are back to reality. I drive a white mini van, eat spaghetti which I have to cook myself, clean toilets, wipe bottoms, and wear sweat pants 5 days of the week.

And I have a wonderful, funny husband, and crazy kids.

Now this is the good life.



Christine said...

What a great post, Lauren! I'm glad you had fun on your trip and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Jennifer said...

Love it! If you can pull off "young and hip" at 7 months pregnant, then you've really got it going on.

Ruthie Corley said...

Lauren- I just watched your Jay Leno moment of fame! How funny! I can just imagine you and Bob giggling! What a great vacation :)