Friday, March 11, 2011

A Family Affair

You think our life is getting crazy this year?? Well, let me fill you in on a few more details to prove that is it definitely turning into a crazy (but awesome) year.

If you have been around me for any little bit of time (in person or in bloggy world), I am certain that you have heard me speak of my extended family more than once.

I am the oldest of 5 children. We are each very unique but all love each other deeply and enjoy being together. That is a testament to the purposeful, godly parenting of our mom and dad.

Our family history definitely can not be characterized as smooth sailing or easy peasy. But we have continued to trust in the Lord, stick by one another, and weather the storms.

2010 was the "Year of the Weddings." Both of my sisters were married within 3 months of each other. Kate (on the right) and Oscar were married in April and live in Houston. Carrianna (in the middle) and Eric were married in July and now live in Charleston, SC.

Weddings are so much fun and bring all the family together. But they are also tons of work, and my mom was in great need of a much calmer 2011.

Yea, right.

2011 will now be known as the "Year of the Babies." Around the first of the year, we discovered that all 3 girls were pregnant. Kate and Carrianna are due with their first babies, 2 days apart -- the first week of September -- and I was able to drop the bombshell that my pregnancy would add 2 grandbabies to the mix, bringing the total to 10!

Now, my parents are no strangers to a household of kids. My "little" brother is still at home and will graduate in May (right around the time these twins are scheduled to if things weren't complicated enough!). My mom had her 5th child at 35, and I thought that was pretty impressive. But I can now say that I have won the "race" as I will birth 5 by 32. Watch out Mrs. Dugger! =)

I am so excited for my sisters to experience motherhood and wish I could actually be with them as they do. If only they lived nearby....(I hope my brothers in law are reading this and feeling guilty.) And, of course, my parents are struggling to work out travel schedules to be there for each one too.

There are many unknowns right now -- genders, birth dates, baby names, labor experiences. But one thing's for sure: Christmas is gonna be crazy!



Ben and April said...

wow!!! It will for sure be an exciting year for all of you!! Fun times ahead!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh that is SO exciting!!!!

dee said...

First of all, you are the most beautiful sisters - wow! And, how exciting with all the babies! Are your parents near any of the three of you or do they have to travel to get to all births?

Anonymous said...

To answer the previous comment, we(parents) are not geographically close to any of the three. Two are 450 miles away and one is 900 miles away. The two that are due within 2 days of one another are seperated by 1300 miles. We will be accepting Frequent Flyer Mile Rewards between May '11 through August '11. Donors will be rewarded with a signed copy of our latest book entitled, "Crazier By the Minute". Dad (as if you wouldn't recognize me)

Tabitha said...

I think it sounds like your Christmas is going to be awesome!!! I am so excited for you :-)