Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Change of {Birth} Plans

I have never had a tough and strict "birth plan" upon entering the hospital. My only plan was to labor away. If I ever felt like I was going to die, then I would gladly motion for the nurse and politely request that she call the magic man for the epidural.

That's just how I roll. I never wanted to pressure myself or subscribe to the "hero" mentality that the only way I could ever be a real woman was to "do it like they did it in the old days." Let's be honest. Even without an epidural, our experience these days is not like those of old.

So my philosophy is to just do what works for me at that moment.

Child #1 -- I experienced pretty hard labor for 15 hours with Robbie, traveled back and forth to the hot bath tub, rocked on the giant exercise ball, hee-ed and hoo-ed. But when the doc told me I was still at 9 cm and could possible be there for a couple more hours, I beckoned for the magic doc. With the epidural in place, I was relaxed during the pushing phase, which lasted just about 20 minutes, and was able to calmly welcome little Robbie into this world and into my arms.

Child #2 - I decided to get an epidural with Eveley when I was about 7 cm but said epidural never took effect before she was born. Not the best $1200 I've ever spent. But it was a happy birth experience nonetheless.

Child #3 - Mr. Caleb decided he would like me to experience the au natural route. He came so quickly, I hardly had time to put on my hospital gown. No IVs, no needle pricks, nothing. And as I writhed in pain and screamed at the top of my lungs, sweet Caleb was born.

Honestly, I recovered much quicker after Caleb. But I was able to really take in the actual birth of Robbie. So my conclusion? To each her own. Period.

Feel free to birth in your own bed, in a giant tub bathing with your hubby, squatting in the woods, or while having a family reunion in your hospital room. It's not my business.

Here we are at child #4 and #5. And I claim no experience or wisdom in this area. I have been researching and stalking message boards to see if I can better understand this whole twin birthing process.

Monday, I spoke with my OB and asked for a little more guidance on the upcoming birth. A little background on my doc. He is a type-A, marathon-running, stress-loving kind of guy. He personally delivered nearly 400 babies last year (more than 1 a day for you math averse people) and is a machine. He is a big proponent of natural births and doesn't mix words. I love him.

I mentioned to him that I had read that an epidural was recommended during twin births, just in case an emergency C-section was required. He completely agreed and suggested I get an epidural from the get go. I was pretty shocked.

He explained: "Sometimes, after the first baby is born, the second baby will be breach. So I may have to reach into the uterus to grab the second baby's feet."

Um...excuse me??

Do I look like a cow?

Don't answer that.

However, if this birth goes as quickly as Caleb's, he informed me that an epidural may not be possible. "But, don't worry," he said, "I can still do it."

Yea. I'm not worried about you, doc. I completely trust your skills. It's me I'm a little concerned about.



Anonymous said...

Hello Lauren! I have never commented before and I love reading your blog. I have four children and twin girls were my 3rd & 4th. I had an epidural from the beginning and I am so glad I did! My Dr. had told me to do it because of the chance that I might have to have a C-section. Well, I didn't have the c-section, but my second twin was breech! Yes, my Dr. had to reach up into my uterus to grab the second twin. Yes, I felt like a cow! Overall, a really great delivery, I just highly recommend the epidural!

Anonymous said...


Clare said...

oh my gosh, i just squeezed my legs tight together while reading that;) i hope it all goes wonderfully you deserve it, but my great friend i worked with had a natural birth and a c section with the second baby, and then recover from both. just sounds plain mean to me!!!

mum2five605 said...

Ok, I had to laugh at your OB's comments. Why do they always think it is about them and not us?? All I can say is I wish my OB had your docs approach to natural twin birth. My baby "B" was breech at induction, so he wouldn't even consider letting me try to deliver natural. He just went straight for the c-section. And I absolutely agree with you...to each their own!! Good luck..it will be here before you know it.

merlin said...

I have had so many different reactions to this post and have finally figured out how to comment:
I am praying and trusting in a smooth, uncomplicated birth for you that will mirror the miracle and blessing of these two new babes. God is faithful.