Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Report from the Front Lines


I got the privilege of spending some time with Ryan, Jack & their tired mama. Here are a few photos to satisfy the baby gawking. These little bitties are ADORABLE! I kept saying, "Oh my gosh! They are so cute!", perhaps 50 times. I did take a few minutes away from the camera to hold them. Delight!

One day, months from now, Lauren will have tons of free time to blog. But for now, it's feed, sleep, repeat. Thank goodness Lauren's sweet mama is here to help.


I found a few spare minutes this morning and wanted to update you all just a bit. I haven't posted in a while because I thought it was unwise to record any thoughts during that first week of mental instability.

Each day is getting better and we will figure this thing out soon.

These babies are precious and, for the most part, very content. You can already spy the differences in these two -- they have very different personalities and demeanors. Jack is cool as a cucumber. Miss Ryan Elizabeth is a bit demanding. But they are adorable nonetheless.

A sweet friend made these blankets and hats for the babies.



I'll give you the full story behind the naming game soon.

Ryan Elizabeth is trying to decide what to wear today...

Ryan Elizabeth is already fed up with Jack.

I've found that these pacis are their favorites. And Eveley's silly bands work great for helping me remember which twin nursed on which side. =)

We are blessed!



Tina Michelle said...

OMG they are too, too adorable!

Holly said...

Very sweet! Good idea with the silly bands. I had to do something like that to keep up with just one. :) Praying for balance to return to your family soon! Holly

Clare said...

the silly bands seem so so smart!! thinking of you mama, i could only imagine what you are going through. love ya, clare

ji said...

Beautiful!!! I laughed when I read about silly bands..I used my daughters silly bands to remember which side I started with!! Lol...

3 Peanuts said...

Oh Lauren...they are SO cute!!! The silly band are genius and I can tell that Miss Ryan is a bit spunky. I like that. I hope things settle down a bit (it that even possible with 4 kiddos and new born twins nonetheless?) You are blessed.

mum2five605 said...

They are both absolutely beautiful. I hate to tell you this though, you will not have any free time in the coming months to blog!! It only gets busier, but an easier busy. I remember with my twins the first year we were on survival mode and it was all a blur. It sounds as though you have a great support system which will help you out immensely. Remember to take care of yourself as well!! Congratulations!

Allie Carpenter said...

What a gift!!! They are so adorable and precious!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!
Rest when you can:) If that is possible!! Love you and am so proud of what a wonderful mother you have become:)

Ben and April said...

Congratulations to you all!!!! They are so adorable!! The Lord is good!!