Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Counting Down!

Our precious twins are scheduled to arrive in six days.  SIX!  May 10 will be their birthday unless I go into labor before then (which I highly doubt).

These two are destined to be close friends. They have been snuggling side by side for the majority of their time in the womb. And they are not budging. 

So the inevitable C-section has been scheduled.  I am now seeking my friends' advice on C-sections and recoveries.   Since this pregnancy has been completely different from the beginning, I guess it makes sense for it to also end in its own unique way.

While I must admit that I'm pretty disappointed this won't be a natural delivery, I am also confident that the breech position of these babies contributed to a comfortable and pretty easy last several months. I have been amazed at how good and normal I've felt. I have not had any back problems with this pregnancy, which is a major blessing!

We are almost ready for this. The big transition has been made. For the past month, Caleb has been out of the baby bed and is sleeping with Eveley in bunk beds. We were very surprised at how easy this move was. They are both enjoying the time together and we have had no issues. Now, we just have to rearrange the car seating assignments and install the infant car seats.

Our bags are packed for the hospital, and I have (hopefully) not forgotten anything. [You know I pride myself on being a fabulous planner.]  Anyone have any suggestions for things I should pack??

It appears that I will spend four days in the hospital and will have tons of time to blog and inundate you with pictures of these sweet miracles. (HA!) I'm sure things will be busy, but I will definitely try to keep you all updated.

I sincerely covet your prayers this next week – peace for me, Bob, Caleb and Eveley, and for a safe and healthy delivery of these babies.  (oh...and we need to name these babies! That's a whole separate post!!)

So...the big question. What to do over these next several days?

I had a final ladies night out this past weekend with girlfriends. The kids and I are making several appearances at their favorite spot on earth – the bounce and play. Winter clothes are stored and flower beds are planted. And I have a massage scheduled for Saturday.

In these last days, I am trying to concentrate my energy on spending quality time with Caleb and Eveley {and sleeping as much as I can}. Their Our world is about to be rocked.



Kelly said...

Hahaha!! Am so happy and excited for you all. I will be praying for your family, and if you need anything please let me know.

aprildtaylor said...

just a note of encouragement....c-sections are the DEVIL!! sorry :( Jayci was my only one and I would only have 1 child had my first one been a c section! It'll only hurt for a few days, then you'll be fine, but let me add I only took about 2 pain pills on top of my emotional stress at the time so that couldve been my problem! I will definitley be praying for all of you, cant wait to see your babies!

Lindsay said...

Wow, six days! How exciting! How many weeks will you be on the 10th? My doc only let me get to 38 weeks but I made it with no trouble. However, I had the same issue you did, which was that my babies were breach for months and months without moving and the c-section was an obvious choice. These were my first babies and I had wanted a natural delivery and was nervous about deciding between c-section and natural, so that was God's way of telling me he would rather me have a c-section! Anyway, my recovery wasn't bad at all. I was up and around, albeit slowly, by the time I left the hospital (5 days after delivery) so I think you'll be fine!

Can I recommend a pedicure? When I was laying exhausted and useless in the hospital, I really loved looking down at my toes and seeing how nice they looked.

Allie Carpenter said...

I had an unplanned C-section with Lincoln. I was completely knocked out so I don't remember anything. However, the recovery was a different story. I am sorry to tell you but you will be every sore:( I was in hospital 5 days. If you have stairs at home, you may consider not using them!!! I think I overdid it a little so it took longer for me to adjust. I had to still wear comfy pants and undies because my incision was so tender. So no rocking the designer jeans when you shed all your weight!!

I am so happy for you! You are a great mommy:) I am sure those babies will be loved and well taken care of :) Names are hard to decide for sure! Can't wait to hear what you have chosen!!

Many prayers coming your way!!

Love you, Allie

Anonymous said...

Hudson was a c-section and it wasn't bad...I PROMISE! I hope for the next time around to be a natural delivery but my body would not naturally dialate! Anyhow, you'll do GREAT!! I can't wait to see pictures and hear their NAMES!! I love to find out names and the meanings behind them!!! ;) Lots of love and prayers!!

Care said...

I am looking forward to being there with you! I will take good care of you and paint your nails in the hospital if you'd like:)You're gonna do just fine!

Anonymous said...

Let's make this easy for you guys. Brian and Jenna are great names.

Good luck... :)

Anonymous said...

What about Bonnie and Clyde?

3 Peanuts said...

I am praying for you and I cannot wait to see the photos so I hope you really SO post from the hospital:)


Donna said...

Lauren, After having three c-sections I can tell you you will be sore but it's not horrible. Getting in and out of the hospital bed is the worst at first but you quickly learn how to do it. Listen to your Dr. and take those pain pills even if you feel like you can handle it because you don't want the pain to sneak up on you. My best advice is to have a pillow handy to hold over your stomach for when you need to cough, trust me you will need to cough. I guess from not moving around as much as usual. We will be praying for you all.

Clare said...

wow, lauren, it is definitely coming up fast!! i am so happy that the pregnancy has gone so smoothly, especially the end. i hope everything goes well with the c-section. just take it easy after the birth. that is my biggest piece of advice. i would think i was feeling better and really push myself, and then pay for it for two days. also...use ALL of your pain meds. sitting up to nurse will feel like a torture technique. I was stingy with my medicine the first time, and ended up with some leftover. Then i thought about all of the nights that I thought, well I'll try to save it for when I am really hurting. Just use it. Use it all up!! Then buy the biggest bottle of ibuprofen, and take as many as you need. Not trying to scare you, but I also can be a little dramatic. Hopefully you will bounce back fine!

merlin said...

Happy Mother's Day x5!
The day is not over, but it is looking like I'm wrong since there is no announcement: I was sure you'd have the babes today :)
Praying and believing in a safe delivery and quick recovery for you (and lots of help at home!)