Monday, May 30, 2011

This past month has been a blur...full of sweet blessings and difficult transitions.

Everyone is getting used to the new babies and their constant demands.

Caleb and Eveley are definitely having a rough time, and I am looking for a giant bubble to protect the twins from big brother Caleb. He thinks it's hilarious when they squeal or jump, and he tries out multiple methods to get them to do so. This has been the biggest challenge.

The older two left this morning for Tennessee where they will spend the week having fun with cousins. Bob and I will be concentrating on the twins and figuring out a good plan of attack to meet their needs. This will be good for all of us, but I already miss the other two terribly.

I'm hoping to catch up on blogging this week, but I'm promising nothing. If there's something you really want to know, just leave me a comment and I'll do my best. :)

Here are a few pictures taken by my friend Jenn. They are 2 weeks here.



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I hope they have fun with the cousins and you get some great cuddle time with the twins!