Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Aunts Go Marching One by One

I have two really rad sisters.

Growing up, we weren't very close because of our age difference. I am a {little} older.

But now we are the best of friends, and last summer began the process of us sharing common experiences when both sisters got married.

We have been able to spend the past year talking about the difficulties awesomeness of marriage.

Then, the first of January, both sisters found out they were expecting their first babies. And later, we found out both would be having boys.

I have begged them to set up skype in the labor room so I could participate. But they have rudely rejected me.

Their due dates were 2 days apart, which led to major heartburn for my parents. But God has orchestrated it beautifully (why did we doubt?).

Little sis Carrianna gave birth to this sweet bundle on Sunday evening.

Meet my new little nephew.

Reese Daniel weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces and has already stolen his mom and dad's heart.

I am excited for my sisters to experience motherhood and this love like no other. They will be great moms.

He's so sweet. It makes me want another little one!


Oh, Kate.... batter up!



Kelly said...

So happy for your sister's!

Beka McCay said...

I absolutely cannot wait to hold all of these babies at Christmas!! if not before:)

Kate said...

Cant wait to contribute to the growing family!!!

Kate said...

Cant wait to contribute to our growing family!! :)

the mcclenahans said...

Congratulations to Carianna (and Aunt Lauren of course)! So excited for her and her growing little family. Reese is precious.

Lauren G. said...

He's a blessing!

Clare said...

awww, congrats for her and your whole family!!