Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Treat

Bob and I were asked to speak at a function this past weekend for our law school. Since it was being held at The Homestead, one of our all-time favorite spots, we gladly accepted.

We have stayed here quite a few times for various events but have never taken 4 children with us. Since my cousin Mathers was still here helping out, we decided to go for it! And we are so glad we did.

The kids were great, and we all had a fabulous time. Besides a mad fit, thrown by Master Caleb at breakfast, and a loud reference to a "stinker", made by Madam Eveley at dinner, everyone was on their best behavior.

We spent the afternoon at the pool.

Snuggled in bed at night

Taught the kids to play chess...
Kinda... Where's Caleb?

Did a little fishing

Let the kids run free around the grounds

{Tried} to teach Evie how to pose for a photo

Soaked our feet in the natural hot springs

And exhaustingly tried to get a family photo.


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Care said...

They are too cute! O my word. So many funny pictures

Lauren said...

1 word, 'DARLING!!!'

Kelly said...

Love it Lauren!

dee said...

So glad it was enjoyable. The pictures are priceless!