Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Blues

Our summer has been pretty low key -- some of that purposefully and some of that is out of necessity.

But I have been trying to insert some fun and special things into the weeks for the older two.

Our "special" outings have consisted of trips to the pool, Walmart, the library {ahem...the kids think Barnes and Noble is the library...} or the mall.

I made the kids pose a little yesterday morning before we headed out to the mall -- it is about 110 degrees here, so we enjoyed the indoor play area and carousel.

A blog reader and sweet friend made these shirts for the four monkeys. So cute!!

In the midst of our packing, Eveley found the secret stash of presents from her 4th birthday. I tried to put up some of her gifts so we could pull them out periodically this summer for a little fun. But she spotted a gift from her friend Cohen -- a bubble gun that blows colored bubbles.

I looked at it and tried to find an excuse as to why we couldn't play with that. I admit it. I'm a little neurotic about messes and like to try and keep the kids, my house, and my stuff tidy. But I decided to relax and let the kids have a little {messy} fun.

While I was cooking dinner, I loaded the colored bubbles into the cute little bubble gun and let the kids outside onto the back porch.

Just a few minutes later, this is what I found.

I know the Smurfs are making a comeback, but this was ridiculous.

Tomorrow, we are really having a special outing and heading here.

You will find me relaxing here.

and eating here.

sleeping here.

and chasing my crazy kids around here.

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Lauren Avery said...

Love it!!

Care said...

I love how Caleb is trying to clean up the bubbles with the vacuum:)And he is really doing a good job holding Jack!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh I miss my babies! Is Ryan Elizabeth a piggy wiggy or what?! Caleb has come a lonnnnnnnggg way with Jack. When I was last at your house, we had to put him on the refrigerator to keep him out of Caleb's reach. These are busy, hectic, HAPPY times, and having 4 healthy, bright children is a blessing from heaven.

Anna and Brad said...

It appears your going to the Homestead... so fun!! We LOVE the Homestead!! ;)

Amanda said...

The pictures of the older two holding the twins are crazy cute!

dee said...

The babies have gotten so big and all four are just precious! Enjoy your time away.

aprildt said...

Thank you so much for posting pics ;) I love to see pics of kids in their shirts but this one put the biggest smile on my face and a tear in my eye, its now my new favorite! And i was definitely glad that when i scrolled down they didnt have them on in their big mess :)