Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tennessee Christmas

The week before Christmas, my parents rented a chalet in the mountains and all of the McCays got together for a relaxing and fun time.

Well.... as relaxing as it can be when you have 9 children 5 and under....and 4 of them are 7 months and under.  So many chillins!  

My sweet friend April made these shirts for us.  They're numbered in birth order.
Robbie was the first grandbaby.

Don't my parents look proud and happy?!

My brother Rob and his sweet family.

My sister Kate with her family.

Little sis Carrianna and her family.

And somehow, my youngest brother Will did not have to pose for a solo picture.  He is heading to Texas A&M this weekend to begin school.  Say a prayer for Texas.

The 4 newest grandkids -- little Reese and Beau made my twins look big.

You could always find one of these.

The boys were trying out their new tool kits on the log cabin.

Sweet cousins making beautiful memories together.

I am very blessed to have a such a full and rich heritage.


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Bev said...

such beautiful babies, babies everywhere, enough to go around! You know Mr. Rocky would have been in baby-heaven!

Kelly said...

So happy you all had a wonderful Christmas! Can't wait to see the kids when you all get back!

Lauren said...

Hope they had a Merry Christmas!!

Christine said...

Your brother is starting at A&M? That's where I went to school and where we moved from....we could totally hook him up with some great churches and great people.

Cute shirts.
Cute pictures.
Cute people.

Y'all are too cute.