Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making progress

The tree has arrived, and it is beautiful!  When our resident lumberjack went to the forest to chop down the family Christmas tree (...or when my suit-wearing hubby ran to Lowe's after church), I requested a BIG tree.  

We have loads more space this year in our new home and a mostly empty formal living room.  Other than my piano and a rocking chair, this room is bare.  So, what better way to fill it up than with a beautiful gi-normous Christmas tree!

Hubby heeded the request, and we got a beautiful tree.  

We have some very special Christmas ornaments, and unpacking the treasures is a highlight of the decorating process.  Every year, I buy each of the children a special ornament signifying the past year in their lives.

This year,
Sweet Eveley Joy

Crazy Caleb

Ryan Elizabeth ("my little pink piggy")

Lovable Jack
Eveley requested to put on the star again this year.  And since Caleb really couldn't care less, I didn't think we needed to teach a sharing lesson at this point.

She insisted on trying to do it herself.   As usual.

When this didn't work, she accepted a little help from dad.

But the top of this tree was still too high, so dad got the honors this year.

Along with the wonderful smell of the tree, our house is also filled with the smell of this.

If you haven't tried it, you simply must.  You will thank me!

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Lauren Avery said...

Love how Eveley is trying to put on the star.

Bev said...

the ornaments are wonderful but I' think the one for Jack is specifically perfect for him. Something so soft & sweet about that baby boy! And Miss Piggie - awesome!