Friday, March 23, 2012

Cousin Lovin'

My sister, Kate, and her sweet 6-month-old baby, Beau, flew all the way from Texas to visit us this week.  We were excited to do nothing but let the cousins play (and sneak in some sister chats and chocolate).

This post will contain few words and many pics (since it's really for grandma and the other sibs).

Baby Beau loves his Auntie Lauren.  He is a very active 6-month-old and taught the twins how to climb everything.


Three little mobile monkeys was a little too much.  So we loaded the van and headed for the playground.


That made everyone happy.




what do you do when there aren't enough swings?
share, of course.

Time to go home.

and take a bath.

the boys, having a heart-to-heart 

 Ryan offered to wash their hair.



Eric Coker said...

I love them all so much!! They are adorable. Reese and I have been crying all week long thinking about you guys together. Can't believe you guys did this the week before my birthday...

Kelly said...

Lauren, they are all so adorable!!!!!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh they are SO SO SO cute!!! I am so glad that Kate got to come visit you with Beau. Did she tell you that we met just a day or two before? We were in that downtown park where Eveley and Kate ran through the fountains. She was so sweet and she is so beautiful (just like her big sister!) I was a little out of it that day as the doc just put me on heart medication but I was so happy to meet her. I told her to give you a hug from me:)