Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sheer Joy

It is March -- when did that happen?  And my kids were sure sad that Ole Man Winter had not come to visit them this year.  Well, he did make an appearance several weeks ago, but we were in Tennessee visiting family and missed out on the whole thing.  So that doesn't count.

We had our fingers crossed when the weather report indicated we would have some flurries Monday morning.  That morning, Bob and I were sitting in the family room around 5 a.m. drinking coffee.  We could see the green grass from the porch light and assumed it would be a typical day. 

It began snowing at 6 and, in just a few hours, this was my view from the dining room table.

Our cousin Mathers, who is still living with us, is from Alabama and has never seen (a respectable amount of) snow.  So as soon as I gave the okay, they all headed outside to play.  

Supposedly, we now own the neighborhood's prime sledding spot.

Sheer Joy!

The twins missed out but helped me make hot chocolate and blueberry muffins for the troops.

Better late than never.


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3 Peanuts said...

Love this!!! I kinda miss the Glenmore sledding days:) Okay Miss Lauren... it IS maybe.... just maybe you need to change the Christmas decorations on your blog.

Miss you.