Monday, March 12, 2012


It was a glorious weekend!  Beautiful, sunny weather.  Dinner with sweet friends on Friday evening.  Kids playing nicely in the yard with new neighbor buddies.  The twins turned 10 months.  My entire house got cleaned (by me).  Date night with the hubby.  Sunday afternoon spent with Veggie Tales.  And Sunday evening spent in the ER.


Let's rewind.

The twinkies turned 10 months on Saturday, and they continue to be pure sweetness.  Miss Ryan is still my little squeally pink pig.  She sleeps like a champ.  Mr. Jack is loud and likes to get up very early with me to ensure I have my devotions.  (He is very spiritual.)

playing patty cake

These 2 are perfect.

Then there are these 2.


They are best buds (at times), and we make conscious efforts to give them some special time with (no babies) just mom and dad.  We got tickets to Veggie Tales Live for Sunday afternoon and anticipated a great time together.

I packed my purse with lollipops and granola bars.  It would be a fabulous afternoon.

The tomato and cucumber were a hit.

For the first half.

Then Eveley began whining for juice.  Darn.  I forgot the juice.

Caleb didn't make a peep.

Because he was sound asleep in my arms.

But I had fun.

Bob said I got an "A" for effort.

After the show, the kids just wanted to play outside.  We came home and I began playing hide-and-seek with the big kids.  Eveley was crouched down behind some bushes at the bottom of a hill, and Caleb was at the top of the hill holding a giant rock.

A few seconds later, I heard a loud bonk.  I instantly knew what had happened.  Caleb has an "issue" with throwing rocks.  He has a pretty good arm and pretty bad aim (or good, depending how you look at it).

When I got to Eveley, she had blood pouring down her back.  After an ice pack and a few Google searches, Eveley and I headed to the ER.

She was pretty mad at Caleb.  But very brave with the docs.  She kept asking where the treats were.

After some numbing medicine and 2 staples, we were on our way home.

Poor Caleb was pretty traumatized by the whole event.  I'm hoping he will never throw rocks again....but I'm not holding my breath.



3 Peanuts said...

I am glad she is ok. The rest of the weekend sounded heavenly.

And your blog looks great!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful it wasn't worse, but I have to say that pic of Ev is hilarious! She was NOT happy! I love you all! Marmee

Kelly said...

They are so adorable, glad Ms. Eveley is fine, and poor Caleb. The twins are getting so big glad to hear everyone is doing well.

Clare said...

the twins are so cute!! i just want to squeeze them, they are at the perfectly fun baby stage!! i can't believe he got her right on the head, nice shot!! i hope it wasn't too traumatic for everyone?!!

Care said...

O my word she looks like Alfalfa with that bandage wrapped around her head. Too cute. All 4 of them!