Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Girlie Girl

I've never been a girlie girl. As a child, I did have a pair of high heels that I wore everywhere, but I don't really remember being into princesses, ballerinas, purses, fairies and the like.

Truth be told, my dream was to have my own cubicle. In 3rd grade, I would take my Trapper Keeper and turn it on its side to construct my own cubicle at my desk. And as a little girl I would crawl into the corner kitchen cabinet with a flashlight and my Wildlife Treasury cards. Maybe it's just because I was the oldest of 5 and wanted my own space. I don't know.

Eveley must be feeling the same way!

"Get out of here," she said!

My favorite games to play by myself were McDonalds and Office. I was always overstressed and overworked at the job and had a very demanding boss. As I played McDonalds in my room, I would look out the window and imagine a large tour bus pulling into the parking lot. "Drop the fries," I would yell. At the Office, my boss would come in at the last minute with pages of information he wanted me to type up before the end of the day. I would frantically type away trying to get finished in time.

I did love to play with Barbies. But my favorite was the "Day to Night" Barbie who had her own office and briefcase. Do yall remember that one?

I guess it's too early to tell if Eveley will be a girlie girl. For a while, she was having to play with trucks, trains, tractors and blocks. I did not put Robbie's toys away so I figured Eveley would just have to make do. After her birthday, however, she has some girl toys. She now has a cute little purse complete with lipstick, mirror, cellphone and debit card! She also got an adorable little tea set, and we can't wait to have our first tea party. Other friends got her a cookie baking set, wonderful books, squishy stuffed animals, and a lovely charm bracelet. How fun!

I have noticed a few clues that may be signalling she's a girlie girl!

She found the lipstick!

Sorry I haven't been posting very regularly. I have a really good excuse and will post about that soon!


Kimber said...

Okay--what is the good excuse. I want to know. I love this post. I laighed out loud about the cubicle. I liked playing office and school.

Clare said...

I love the lipstick! I had the McDonald's barbie and the whole store! We would have been best freinds:)

Anonymous said...

I know what your excuse is--na, na, na, na, na! Dad

CMG's Mom said...

Hmmmm...can't wait to hear! I have a guess...