Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Hobby

This past year has included many "firsts." Some good ones, and some not-so-good ones. But one great thing that has happened this year is that I've developed some hobbies.

I remember one evening, my husband told me, "You should get a hobby." A hobby? Like I have time to have a hobby. My hobbies include laundry, cleaning, meal preparation, house organization, raising children. How could I possibly handle another hobby?

But, soon afterwards, a MOPS friend invited me to a Stampin' Up party and another had me addicted to her adorable blog. I began to discover that I was a creative person -- or, at least, I enjoyed attempting to be creative. My mother and sister are very creative people with great artistic talent. I cannot draw a stick figure. So, I concluded that I was neither artistic nor creative. But I was wrong!

Now, I do not like to scrapbook. For some reason, I hate the idea of cutting photos. My husband would say that is because I am a terrible decision maker and take forever to make a choice that will become permanent. I take oodles of pictures and end up printing them off and sticking them in a book. Or even worse, they stay on my computer.

But when I discovered the whole concept of "digital scrapbooking," I was hooked. I'm still learning the ropes but enjoy it. I began with Eveley's birth and am looking forward to completing enough pages to have the "first edition" printed.

Here are 2 pages from our vacation. There are more to come!


The Curly Redhead said...

Those pages are adorable - I love the red background. AND you forgot to mention the sewing as a new hobby too. My goodness, Martha Stewart probably needs to keep an eye on her empire.

Carrianna said...

love the pages! Ev is so adorable. And to edit what you said, I am not artsy like mom and Kate either! Remember the orange tulip picture that mom hung in the downstairs stairway?

Kimber said...


These are fabulous! Isn't it fun? And there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment that a stay at home Mom doesn't always get.