Sunday, April 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home --- Updated

After being away for 11 days, we are finally home.

We vacationed in Destin, Florida with our great friends, Brian and Jenna and their 3 kids - Lauren, Cade, and Cooper.

Eveley loved Lauren

And she had fun playing with the boys. Uh oh!

Here is Cooper sunbathing!

The beach was gorgeous, our house was perfect, the seafood was delicious, and the shopping was awesome!

Our House

I could not believe how much Eveley Joy loved the beach. She would have stayed there all day, playing in (and eating) the sand. And she did not even flinch when the cool waves washed over her.

She enjoyed the pool and the hot tub and, as usual, was an angel on the trip.

Thanks for the bikini, Kim and Kate!

By the end of the days, the kiddies were exhausted and allowed us to have some fun "adult" time (which included watching the Bachelor and American Idol!).

We have vacationed together before, and will certainly do so again. They have been wonderful friends to us, especially during this past year.

Here are a couple pictures of Robbie and Cooper when we were together in Gatlinburg in October 2006. Cooper was born about 6 weeks before Robbie.

My 2 little piggies!

Robbie in Clearwater at 9 1/2 months

Eveley Joy in Destin at 11 1/2 months


Carrianna said...

I love the pictures! Eveley is gorgeous. She looks so grown up. Why are there no pics of you in a bikini?

Stephanie said...

Beautiful Pictures!

Clare said...

Hey Lauren,

I am so glad you had a great trip! I am jealous. The house looks beautiful, and Eveley looked so cute in her bathing suit;)

Kimber said...

It looks like a GREAT vacation. Glad the bathing suit fit!