Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1st Birthday Memories - Part 2

As Robbie's 1st birthday was approaching, I wrestled with whether to throw an official birthday party. He was only turning 1. There would be many other years to do the party thing. Well, needless to say, I'm glad that we decided to go ahead and do it.

Robbie's two buddies, Parker and Zach, came over to celebrate. We grilled hamburgers and let the boys play. Of course, I had not planned many "birthday games" for these boys. I mean, what do you do with three 1-year-old boys? They had ideas of their own and it was perfect. I keep a cabinet full of plastic and tupperware to provide a much needed diversion for the kids while I'm cooking. Robbie introduced Parker and Zach to the cabinet and that was all we needed. They played in (literally) the cabinet for a long time. These boys were our first born and only children, so we just sat around watching them and enjoying their laughter.

I presented Robbie with a big piece of funfetti cake with cream cheese icing.

The boys all enjoyed their cake.

Robbie actually didn't eat any cake. He just ate the strawberries and licked off all the icing.

Here's a helpful tip: if you're going to open presents, do this before the cake!

After the cake, Robbie had icing in ever crevice and roll! My sister Kate was living with us that summer. So, she took Robbie upstairs to have a quick bath. He came down in his bathrobe with his name on it (a gift from our friends) to open presents. He looked very Hugh Hefner-ish. (Just joking!)

We got Robbie this little car/push toy, some books, and CDs. He loved his music!

It was a perfect day!

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Clare said...

Oh Lauren! I love this little birthday celebration! Robbie just looks so adorable, I wish I had met him. I hope you are well...thinking of you! XOXO, Clare