Monday, July 21, 2008

Letting a Kid be a Kid!

Well, it's been another hot and busy summer. And my little girl is wearing pigtails. Can you believe it?!

Sometimes I have to make myself let go of the "to do" list and enjoy the day. As we all know, they go by too quickly. I try to be a very organized person and am somewhat of a "neat freak." My mom is laughing out loud as she reads this. My room was FAR from neat when I was growing up. But, I've matured! And now, I hate a mess. I can compare myself to Kate from Jon & Kate plus 8. (I know I'm not the only one addicted to this show!) She wants to keep her kids neat and clean and has to fight the urge to spoon feed them ice cream instead of letting them get sticky fingers and messy clothes. I can relate. But I'm working on it.

The other day I heard Eveley rummaging through one of my purses. I could hear her saying "Um, Um," but thought nothing of it. And then I looked at her. She had found a Fiber One bar in my purse, unwrapped it, and was chowing down. I panicked. My first instinct was to grab her up and vigorously wash her face and hands. But then I saw how much she loved it. So I decided to let her enjoy some chocolate. (I still had to put her in her high chair and strip her down to her diaper. I'm taking baby steps!) She ate the whole thing.

And what was I to do next?? Well, let her bathe in the sink, of course!

I didn't want her thinking the only water fun was in the kitchen sink. So we took her to our friend's pool to get out of the heat.

Here's a picture of Robbie on his first trip to the pool. He was trying to be a stud with his shades and passy!

Hope you all are staying cool and letting your kids be kids!


Clare said...

Cute photos Lauren! I love that Eveley ate a fiber one bar:) XO, Clare

Canadian Girl said...

Hello...i've been following your blog since the beginning...just wanted to tell you that you are very inspiring in so many ways...You and your husband are very spiritual..its beautiful..also, your daughter is the sweetest little doll with a smile that could melt anyone's heart. God Bless

canadian girl said...

I just realized that i forgot to mention Robbie...i can't believe I did that because its Robbie's little face too that i look forward to seeing from time to time. I love how you keep his memory alive. He was an adorable little boy and you must miss him so much. I also wanted to let you know that all my girlfriends follow your blog too. We just love your family and most importantly the strength and closeness that you all have..we're all very excited about the arrival of your new baby too...what is the due date? God Bless