Monday, July 7, 2008

Return from the North

We spent the holiday weekend in upstate New York visiting Bob's family and friends. We had a great time and Eveley wore herself (and the rest of us) out!

Upon meeting Bob (and talking to him), it didn't take long to realize he was "not from around here." He was from NY. The NORTH! I am from TN and had never been to NY before. The first time I went to NY to meet his family, I was amazed. This wasn't what NY was supposed to look like. It was really beautiful. And (in the summer) the weather is just perfect.

We arrived Wednesday evening at Bob's parents' house. We opened the car door, and Eveley took off. They have a lovely yard with tons of grass and flowers everywhere. Eveley was in heaven.

We took her to the zoo one day. Althought she couldn't see all the animals, she enjoyed herself. The lion didn't hide himself!

On the 4th, we spent time with Bob's 2 sisters and their families and then went to watch the fireworks. It took a little work, but Eveley lasted until the fireworks began - 10:30! As they began, she would say, "Whoa." When there was a little pause, she would do the sign for "more please". They were great and I was glad she got to see them.

Waiting for the fireworks with Grandma

Eveley and her cousin Sarah

For Robbie's first 4th, we took him to the top of a hill in our city where people gathered to watch the fireworks. We laughed as we realized that he was satisfied looking at the city lights and was not too impressed by the fireworks.

Bob has a group of friends from childhood that are still extremely close. It is a rare bond that I have not seen before. These guys (and now, their families) are true friends and have been there for eachother in all situations - good and bad. We have so much fun spending time with them.

Bob and his friend Jeff pushing Eveley on the swing. We have GOT to get one of these!

Eveley had a wonderful time with her grandparents, and she should have gotten her fill of being outside this week. With the exception of the LONG road trip in the car, she was outside the majority of the time and loved every second of it. But she is pooped! I put her to bed last night at 5:50 and she is still sleeping (it's 8:30 am)!

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. Now, back to work!


Allie Carpenter said...

Cute Pictures! She is getting so big! Miss you!!


so glad you had fun ... it does look like a beautiful place ... happy belated 4th ... hope you have a great week ...

Clare said...

It looks like you had a great time, I LOVE that hammock swing. Great for the little ones. XO, Clare