Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. And Happy Birthday to me! Every few years, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. I don't find this to be inconvenient because family has time off, there's no school, and we always have lots of good food.

My sweet husband arranged for us to celebrate my birthday yesterday. I met him in town at noon while my in-laws, who are visiting, watched Eveley. It was "Lauren's Day" and we got to do exactly what I wanted to do.

So, we went to lunch here, of course! YUM!

Then we spent the afternoon shopping at my favorite places - TJ Maxx and Marshalls. It was so fun to be able to browse around the store with two free hands and a calm mind. I purchased a few pairs of PJs for my upcoming hospital stay and then we went to another store where I got to pick out my very own....

Yea! (no cracks about the photo, please; had to capture the big day regardless of the fact I am 9 months pregnant and swollen!)

We ended the afternoon with one of these

If you haven't had a chance to try one of Chick-fil-A's peppermint chocolate chip shakes, you are missing out!

What a fun day. I didn't realize how busy and stressed I had been and how much I needed to get out of the house. This was a great afternoon. Thank you to my wonderful husband for a wonderful day! Oh, and did I mention this is the big 3-0! Where did the time go?

The other day, a friend mentioned that every year on her birthday, her mother recounts the details of her birth story. I thought that was a great idea. I did not relate this to my mom, but she sent me an email this morning with the following story:

On November 27, 1978, Dad went to his secret site to guard Nerve Gas, and I got up as usual in our apartment in Pirmasens, West Germany. Later in the day I began to feel a bit funny, so I drove myself to Meunchweiler, to the army hospital to be checked. I don't even remember what they said, but they sent me home. When I pulled into the parking lot, in our little Volkswagon LE, Dad was walking around the corner, heading for the apartment. I remember hurting somewhat and having to walk gingerly across the street. I told him I thought something was up, but I went inside and fixed his supper while he took a shower. Afterwards, we decided to head to Landstuhl, an hour away. I remember hurting on the way, and as we got closer, I was REALLY hurting. I had no idea that I was in transition, in the last stages of labor. I had trouble just getting out of the car and getting inside, and as I approached the door, the nurses knew I was obviously close. While they prepped me, Dad went to the business office to admit me. The nurse left me in the room while she went to call him and tell him to hurry back. I remember calling out to her, and when she came, YOU were crowning. They rushed me across the hall just as dad came running down the hall. I hardly saw the doctor before you came flying out!! No joke! The doctor stood there with his mouth wide open and said that he almost dropped you! That was quick and easy! You were born at 8:28 pm there, which would have been 2:28 here. That was 30 years ago! WOW! Since then, you have been nothing but a blessing. God truly smiled on us when He gave us Elizabeth Lauren, all 5 lbs 13 oz of you.


Allie Carpenter said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!!! I am so jealous that you got a "RED" Kitchen aid mixer...I've been asking for a "RED" one for ever! Being 30 isn't so bad!!! Hope you had a good day!

april said...

you look great! Happy Birthday!

CMG's Mom said...

What a fun day! (You will love your KitchenAid btw!) You look great too. Happy T'giving and birthday!

Clare said...

Happy birthday girl... how come you didn't mention this the other day, i feel awful!!! love the kitchen aid, you will use it all the time, it is so great!

3 Peanuts said...

Happy Belated b-day! AWW...Love the mixer and so envious of the 5 guys...we miss it! Glad you had such a fun Lauren Day! Most of all...I am so glad you are not in your 20's always made me feel SO old! Just kidding:)


April said...

Lauren, Happy Birthday and I can't believe all those things you picked out today b/c it totally sounds like my dream day and we recently got a 5 Guys in Dallas and it is my FAVE place to eat since getting pregnant and you can't beat a kid-free browse at TJ's and Marshall's and so today I went and got a peppermint choc. milkshake at Chickfila for the first time and it WAS GOOD...thanks so much for the tip on that...can't wait for your baby to come!!!!! and to see pics!!!! i have a friend here too who is due today and she's a waiting as well...