Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have yet to join the Facebook crowd. Yes, I am aware that I am probably the lone holdout, but I am not going to do it! I would be totally addicted, I'm sure. And right now, there's no time for it. But I do get on Facebook under my sisters names so I can "spy" on all my old peeps!

But even though I am boycotting Facebook, I have decided to take part in its latest phenomenon. I have been asked (by my sis) to compile a list of 25 random things about myself. Here goes:

1. I go by my middle name – Lauren. My first name is Elizabeth.

2. My second toe is MUCH longer than the first.

3. When I was young, I would bribe my sister to tickle my back at night. I would tell her that I was setting the timer on the microwave in the kitchen, but I wouldn’t. So she tickled me forever!

4. My younger sister witnessed my very first kiss (when I was 15) and she told my parents. I got grounded for a month!

5. I got a spanking from my teachers every year in elementary school except for 6th grade!

6. I had an ovary removed when I was in tenth grade. (None of my friends even knew what an ovary was!)

7. I was born in Germany.

8. I really want twins. (Am I crazy?? See my previous post…)

9. My dream job is White House Press Secretary.

10. When I was in junior high, the older guys called me Goosebumps. I’ll let you try and figure that one out. But I hated it! (If they could only see me now!)

11. I used to be addicted to General Hospital (gave it up when Robbie was born)!

12. My favorite movie is Ever After

13. I think Josh Duhamel is HOT!

14. I think my husband is HOTTER!

15. I love the new self-checkout lanes at grocery stores because I always wanted to work there!

16. I’ve never had braces.

17. I do not like coconut. I think it tastes like fingernails.

18. My first car was a Ford Escort hatchback. (And no, it was not cool even back then).

19. I met Peyton Manning and had my picture taken with him. My dad has it on his office desk and tells people Peyton is his son-in-law. (Sorry, honey.)

20. I’ve been on TV twice.

21. I always wanted to play Liesel in a performance of Sound of Music (and I used to practice).

22. When I heard the story of Jessica falling into a well, I thought she had falled into a whale. I know that is ridiculous, but I was very young and had heard of Jonah in the Whale. I figured they lived on the ocean and she had fallen in. But I couldn't figure out how they knew which whale it was...

23. I can play any song on the piano with my eyes closed.

24. I am the biggest Michael Jordan fan ever. Growing up, my pink room had Jordan posters all over it, and I never missed watching a Bulls game.

25. I'm going to nag my husband until he does this!


Bridget said...

amen to the coconut!

Clare said...

oh, i love these. now i won't ever be able to eat coconut again! yuck! i love the story about the girl in the well! ha!

Allie Carpenter said...

There is nothing wrong with the Hatchback!!! Loved that car! Many trips to the tanning bed in that beauty! Oh, and the jam fest to our favorite song....btw, I heard it today on the radio! Do you remember which one???

Anonymous said...

Oh, shout out to the talon!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh I laughed at some of these.. I am not on facebook either mostly for the same reasons as you. I DID like coconut until now thank you very much!

Why did you get spanked?

You have such pretty teeth...I cannot eleive you did not wear braces!

And I think Josh D is HOT too and I usually not not like the movie star people but him I like!

Anonymous said...

that was great! #2, 10, & 18 made me laugh!