Friday, February 6, 2009

Thankful Friday

Yes, I know that it is typically referred to as Thankful Thursdays, but my week has been terribly busy and I couldn't find the time to post this before now! And because of this crazy week, I am very THANKFUL IT IS FRIDAY!

In any event, I want to take today to count my blessings!
I am very thankful for my beautiful children and that Caleb has started to smile. That can make my day!

And I am thankful that even though Caleb is his own person, he often sends me sweet reminders of my little Robbie.

(Here is Robbie at Caleb's age - 8 weeks)

I am thankful that we had some lovely, warmer weather on Sunday and were able to take the kids out for their first walk together. I think Caleb will love the outdoors just like his brother and sister.

We had to pull over to the side for Eveley to talk to the neighbor's horse.

I am thankful that we woke up to this on Tuesday morning.

Our first snowfall this year (just 2 days after the warm Sunday)! And I am very thankful for my sweet husband who is a wonderful daddy. When he saw the snow, he decided to go into work later so he could take Eveley outside. She had a blast!

Eveley loves to eat crushed ice. When she realized that snow was really white ice, she was so excited. Daddy made her a snowball for her to eat! The only way we could coax her back inside was to let her bring the snowball inside. We put it in a bowl for her. Soon, I heard her saying, "Uh Oh. Snowball, where are you?" It was hilarious. We had to look for the snowball for ten minutes. I didn't know how to explain that it had melted . . .!


Care said...

O, gosh, they are so cute! I miss all of you and am planning to make a trip to VA before I graduate

3 Peanuts said...

So cute. I am glad you are thankful... I know these first few months with a newborn are tough.

Clare said...

the pictures of sweet caleb, are sooo cute! he looks so much like robbie, but with a full head of hair. it looks like you are doing well, and what a great daddy:)

QuEEn oF tHe cAstLe said...

What a sweet little smile baby Caleb has!! What a sweet blessing that Robbie is in Caleb's smile. I LOVE Miss Eveley's piggy tails!!!! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Why do the two 8 week old pics of Caleb and Robbie look just like Big Bob, your Dad?? I've never seen that in Robbie until that picture! CUTE!!!

Love, Jenna

Godfreyhouse said...

Lauren, the next snow. Have Eveley put the snow ball in the freezer. Then she can see it and hold it later. Our youngest, Todd,does this. The snowball is still there.