Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Smiles

Spring is almost here! We have had a few amazing days this week with warm sunny weather. And I forgot how much I love this season. It definitely lifts my spirits and gives me new energy.

We were able to play outside yesterday and the kids couldn't be happier. This is really Caleb's first experience with outside. And he, just like our other 2, is a definite outdoor lover. He stands at the door and says "Bye" hoping someone will let him out.

Eveley was trying to teach Caleb how to blow bubbles.

Eveley had the right idea!

Feeling the spring weather and preparing for Easter is an awesome time of year. I am reminded of our beautiful hope and new life that is possible through Christ.

This winter has been full of snow and wedding planning. As I mentioned before, my sister Kate is getting married in April. She is in Texas, our other sister Carrianna is in Kentucky, I am in Virginia, and our mom is in Tennessee. So we have spent many hours on the phone and email trying to get all of these wedding details ironed out.

The other day, I jokingly remarked that after Kate's wedding was over, I was't sure what my mom and I would talk about anymore. I guess Carrianna decided that would be terrible, so she helped us out a little.


My baby sister got engaged!

So sweet.

And they are getting married the end of July

of this year.


So excited for her and Eric. Bob is pretty upset though. My mom has always referred to him as the "favorite son in law" (because there are no others). He now has some competition. Oscar and Eric are great guys, and we're excited to add them into the family. Hope they know what they're getting in to.

And if anyone is looking to buy a farm in Tennessee...

I hear my parents are selling theirs...

Just joking.


Clare said...

wow!! lots of weddings for your family!! so fun! chris' brother and sister both got married in the past year, and it was so fun!

Care said...

Sweet:) Getting excited about Kate's wedding! Then mine:) Only have sweet Willie left!

Anonymous said...

Leave Sweet Willie out of this. He's in love with his mother!