Sunday, January 30, 2011


I must admit that the big surprise has totally thrown me off my game. There are so many new thoughts and questions running through my mind that I am having a hard time getting it together.


This is my poor Caleb. Yes, he is wearing Dora pull ups. Don't judge. He wasn't too excited about it either.



Fortunately, I still had a few of these in the closet from Eveley's potty training days. Otherwise, it could have been really bad.

Yes, I ran out of diapers. I never do that. I like to stockpile and usually have another box in storage ready for emergencies like this. But not now. I have been jolted out of my routine and things are starting to go to pot.

I did spend the weekend cleaning out my upstairs closets, organizing underneath the vanities, and deep cleaning the bathrooms. I hate cleaning bathrooms.

And even though I can hardly move right now -- thanks to this beautiful back -- I do feel much better.



3 Peanuts said...


I now God will give you everything you need to handle this all.

Please pray for us. We are facing a big decision.

anna said...

Poooooor KK. It made me laugh to see him in pink pullups. And your life has gone to "pot". hahaha - pot. Love it! And love those little one being shaped by our creator making you lose your tetris game. :)

Fran said...

lol I love your comments. Indeed someday you'll write a book. Isn't it funny how a girl can easily wear blue but a boy is absolutely forbidden to wear pink.

Anonymous said...

walkin' round in womens underware...LOL hehehe hohohoho sorry...