Monday, January 24, 2011

Sudden Reality

We are still getting used to the phrase "when the babies come" or speaking of "the twins," but we are honestly still in shock! A good shock. But shock nonetheless.

After spending a few days in a true daze, my Type A personality took over and I began the research and planning phase of this new stage --

What new baby equipment would I need?

How do I feed these little ones? Can I nurse them both? Do I want to nurse them both?

Where will everyone sit in the van?

How will we rearrange bedrooms and sleeping arrangements?

Will I have to undergo a C-section?

Am I prepared to go without sleep until 2013?

What about all of my outside commitments? Do I need to clear my plate of a few responsibilities?

Eek. These are just a few of the millions of questions running through my mind right now.

I began google-ing these questions to find some "expert" advice. As I began searching for helpful tips on raising twins, I came across a whole section on twin-carrying mothers' bellies. Now I am plain skeered. Don't expect to see any belly pics of me on this blog.

I have found the stroller/travel system that I would love to get for these babies. But who knew that a twin system would cost more than my first car!!

When they outgrow the carseats, it will turn to this (among 16 other possible positions).

Craigslist, don't let me down now!

But I am reminded how God answers prayers. Even those that seem insignificant or petty. Eveley was born only 3 months after Robbie went to heaven. Needless to say, I was not in the best frame of mind. But I had many friends who vowed to pray that she would sleep for me. Knowing how desperately I would need rest, they asked God that Eveley would be a champion sleeper. And God answered that prayer completely. She slept through the night at 4 weeks. And not just 8 hours, but she would sleep until 10 in the morning (over 12 hours a night). I do not take their prayers and God's answer for granted. It was invaluable. In fact, that is why we call her Peeps today. We began calling her "Sleeper Peepers" because of her wondrous sleeping ability.

So I am now asking God to also give these babies calm and peaceful spirits that love to sleep!

Thank you so much for all of your warm wishes. We really are ecstatic! And those of you who have twin-experience, I would gladly welcome your suggestions and advice. This is a whole new ball game for me.



Lindsay said...

Hi Lauren, Congrats on the exciting news!

Wow, this all sure sounds familiar! My girls are finally here and I am still trying to figure out answers to half of those questions. I didn't have other kiddos to deal with in the process! That stroller looks awesome! If you can't find it for an affordable price, I got the Graco Quattro Tour Duo for about $250 and it also allows you to put two infant carseats into it. However, it is like pushing a boat around. I guess that's what it's like having twinnies!

I am of course STILL figuring everything out but if you need a twin mom's opinion, let me know!

Lindsay (Jenna's sis)

eeguiltner said...

Hi Lauren~
We have the Combi Twin Sport stroller. You can't put car seats in it, but it folds up very compactly, which is very convenient, and it's one of the more affordable twin strollers. It's definitely not an all-terrain stroller, but it's great for shopping or smooth pavement.

You can definitely nurse both babies if you want to-- be sure to check out the Easy2Nurse twin pillow. It's like an extra large boppy for twins.

I sure don't have all the answers, but I'll be happy to share what has worked for us! Also, some websites that are helpful: and

Wishing you a healthy, happy pregnancy!


merlin said...

No, I don't have twins, but I do have some advice, accept all offers of help from family and friends. You do not have to do it all. I have decided that those who are able to accept help are saints, so BE A SAINT and say yes to offers of help. Plus, it makes folks feel good to help, so do it for them, see that is saintly, very saintly.

Anonymous said...

I love what "Merlin" said. I too, believe it takes more Christian maturity to accept help than to give it! Let people share in God's blessing and don't rob them of their eternal rewards.

Kelly said...

Don't forget the consignment sales are coming up! I'm volunteering at the Here Wee Grow Again sale (accepting the items). I will be sure to let you know if twin-friendly gear comes in and snag it early.

flower power momma said...

Congratulations! What an amazing double blessing God is giving your family. The unknown can be overwhelming for sure, but I think you will do just fine. You know the strength of leaning on Jesus.
Praying for healthy babies and energy for you.

Clare said...

you are cracking me up!! i think i would feel the same as you, complete shock and then, how in the heck am i going to do this?!! you will figure it out, and there will be so many people to support you and bring you bodos bagels!! i think you can live off of those for at least a few months, lol!!

Carrianna & Eric's Aunt in KY said...

Congrats on the news of having twins! That is exciting! I saw the pic of the stroller you would like and would be happy to keep an eye out for this...however, it would help if you could let us know the name of the exact stroller you would like.