Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Worth It

We enjoyed the Easter weekend, remembering the unbelievable sacrifice that Jesus made for us and celebrating God's beautiful plan that it completed.

Of course, Easter Sunday included some new duds for the kiddies, and we attempted to get somewhat of a family picture. These were the best we could do...

This year, we were able to teach Eveley the truth of Easter (in 4-year-old terms) and were so excited to hear her interesting questions as she tried to understand this wonderful picture of love.

As we are nearing the birth of the twins, Eveley has also been interested in how they are going to get out of my tummy. Wouldn't we all like to know.

I told her that we will go to the hospital and the doctor will take the babies out.

"Will it hurt you?" she asked solemnly.

"Well, yes it will hurt mommy," I told her honestly. "But it will be worth it so mommy can have these babies in her arms."

"Did it hurt you when I came out of your tummy?" she wondered.

"Yes it did. But it was worth it because I wanted to have you!" I explained.

A huge smile broke out on her face because she realized a little more how much I loved her.

And then I realized how God must have felt something similar. The Gospel plan was going to hurt Him deeply -- He would have to send His only Son to a sin-ridden Earth where Jesus would be ridiculed, hated, beaten and crucified. And Jesus would endure the physical pain required by submitting to this plan.

But they said it was worth it.

Worth all the pain for me...and for you.

Because of the enormous sacrifice, we can be welcomed into an intimate relationship with God right now and into His loving arms one day.


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Care said... made me cry:)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures---Pop

Anonymous said...

NOOO WAAAY you are big and pregnant with twins... JERK. :) You look amazing!!! You should have a couple more! Can't wait to meet those babies...


merlin said...

I keep thinking "any day" and checking for the big news, because you cannot keep them hidden forever.

Yes, it is Worth It: the pain, the heartache, the disappointments (mostly in our own shortcomings),the gift to learn and grow through these sweet souls loaned.
They are loaned and that is the hardest part of all and the part that makes it most-worth-it: to be trusted in this way.
Praying, praying, praying for you and your babies.