Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Christmas Past

Because I didn't start this blog until the new year, I thought it would be nice to think back and remember some of Christmas pasts. (Thanks for the idea, Kim!)

Christmas 2006 was wonderful. I was 6 months pregnant with Eveley Joy and Robbie was 19 months old. I was unsure whether I would decorate the house for Christmas since I knew it would provide great temptation for Robbie to mess with things. But I sucked it up and decided to introduce him to the sights, sounds and smells of Christmastime.

We bought a tree from the boy scouts one evening and set it up in the living room. I decorated it with red and gold balls and topped it off with a big, gold star. That was Robbie's favorite! Each morning as we would descend the stairs, Robbie would say, "stah, stah." And we would go plug in the lights and look at the "stars." Mom sent Robbie a little red truck GLASS ornament. He loved it and wanted to play with it, which I let him do while supervised. In fact, the only way I could get him to sit still for his Christmas card photo was to let him hold the truck.

We spent Christmas in Tennessee and had a wonderful time. As usual, it was filled with lots of fun and delicious food. Robbie was a little sick on Christmas day but fought through it to play with cousin Layla and his new toys. We gave him a Thomas the train and he got many books, blocks, clothes, toys and, of course, a John Deere hat from Uncle Rob.

As Christmas 2007 grew closer, we were trying to balance our extreme sadness of missing little Robbie and our excitement of celebrating Eveley Joy's first Christmas. Thankfully, the Lord gave Bob the perfect idea to help us experience a fantastic Christmas together as a family. We were off to the Greenbrier!

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