Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The good ole days

Well, so much for the "good ole days." I'm not so sure that's a truthful description. Sunday afternoon we had a crazy wind storm. It was sunny, no rain, but the winds were strong and blew for about 5 hours.

When we returned from church, I flipped the light switch in the bedroom just in time to see the light come on and then flicker off. The electricity was gone. So, we sat down at the table with our Wendy's bag of food to wait out the storm. Eveley was in the playroom when I heard a loud crack and looked up just in time to see a tree heading for the house. Eveley screamed as I think she could see the tree heading right for her. Thank the Lord that the tree just scraped down the side of the house. The gutter was bent a little but no other damage. Surely the electricity would be back on soon.

Nope! Monday morning came and there was still no lights, power, water or HEAT. Bob went to the office with plans to shower there. I got up with Eveley and thought we'd be fine. But the house was FREEEEZING. We got into the bed with a pile of books but that didn't last very long. She wanted to get up and play. Her hands were cold as ice so I knew we had to do something. Our phones were out too. I put her in the car, gathered up some clothes and food, and decided we had to leave. Fortunately, my friend Bridget is awesome and allowed us to come over (looking quite lovely I might add!) and hang out all day long. Eveley loved playing with Parker and Graham. And I think Parker has a crush on her! We had a great day and stayed until around 5. The power came back on and the house slowly warmed back up.

Today, things are back to normal. And I am very thankful!

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Kimber said...

Oh no! Sorry that happened. You can always come here too. Love the smilebox show. I adore that pillow and am wondering if that turqouise dress is the one you made. It is really cute!!!