Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Nursery

When I found out I was pregnant with Robbie, decorating the nursery was the biggest decision I had to make. Because he would be Robert Emmet Byrne, III, picking a name was not the difficult task. I knew I wanted to use farm animals and looked forward to him learning to make all of the different animal sounds.

Fortunately, my mom and sister (Marme and Aunt Kate) are talented artists and were able to come and help decorate. It was perfect! And as Robbie got older, each morning we would go around the room rehearsing the different sounds. We soon realized that we forgot an important animal -- the monkey! Of course, it's not a farm animal, but (thanks to Aunt Kate) Robbie LOVED making a monkey sound.

When it came time for Eveley to move in, I wrestled with how I would decorate the nursery for her. She is a girl, after all, but I wasn't ready to completely start over in that room. So, mom came back and "girlied" it up for Eveley. Most of the animals are in twos - one is a rough and tumble boy, and the other now has painted nails, lipstick and a bow! The kitty cat was added to keep the dog company. And, you'll notice the apple tree received a special carving!

I know the time will come when Eveley will want a big girl room, and I look forward to decorating that for her. But, maybe by then we will have a new one (or TWO) to enjoy the nursery!

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Kimber said...


You did a beautiful job on this page (and you header too)! Eveley's nursery is beautiful and I love that it has some of Robbie in it too.