Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Princess Valentine

Announcing Princess Eveley! We were able to go play with our neighbors, the Chambers, last week while our house was getting cleaned. (side note: Hallelujah for that!) Anyway, Eveley loved playing with Gillian's princess gear and is becoming a very girlie girl.

We played outside on the swingset which Eveley absolutely loved. I'll have to get pictures of that next time.

I am teaching Eveley how to respond when I say, "How much does mama love you?" Robbie loved this question and would respond by throwing his hands straight up in the air while we said "Thiiiiis much!" (I was teaching him to spread them wide but that didn't stick.) No matter what question you asked him, if it began with "how much," he would respond the same way. So, we had fun by asking "How much does Jesus love you?" or "How much do you love cheese?" and seeing him respond.

I love my precious Valentines. Eveley is a bundle of Joy and the sweetest little girl. I am so thankful for her and the time that I have to kiss and squeeze her. I love my sweet Robbie and am thankful that my time to kiss and squeeze him is not over - just delayed. And I love my wonderful husband who makes me laugh every day (even if I won't admit it). So, if someone asked me, "How much do you love your Valentines?" I would throw my hands up in the air and say, "Thiiiiiis much!"

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Kimber said...


That is so sweet. I love your description for the love you have for your family! I look forward to hanging out tonight and getting together soon to do blog stuff.