Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some of our Favorites

Eveley Joy will be 10 months tomorrow, and I can hardly believe it. I have said it before and will say it again - she is pure sweetness! I completely loved her as soon as I found out she was on her way. But now I feel that I am beginning to find out who she is, and I just want to eat her up!

This weekend I spent a lot of quality time with her. We played in the tupperware cabinet for hours. Many of you remember this was one of Robbie's favorite spots too!

She is quickly learning to enjoy books. She loves the Alphabet Book, and she will actually sit still through the entire book. Again, this was one of Robbie's favorites. I've never seen a child love books more than him. But maybe Eveley will follow suit.

She also loves her princess pajamas. Don't worry. I don't have a similar picture of Robbie to post. Bob and I were able to head to the stores for a few hours while Grandma and Grandpa Byrne kept Eveley. They stopped in to see us on their way home from Florida. I have never seen so many beautiful little girl dresses. Bob was not amused when he saw the price tags. But they were just gorgeous! Shopping for a girl is much different than shopping for a boy. I'm going to have to stay home or start donating plasma! (Shout out to my college buddies and plasma partners!)

Finally, this weekend I was able to have some wonderful girlfriends time. Thank the Lord for great friends, fun times, and chocolate!


myboysrock said...

Awesome blog! I love those pictures of Robbie reading - he looks so serious. And Eveley, so adorable. I hope you post pics every day!

cmccay said...

I love these pictures! I'm so glad Eveley Joy is loving a lot of the same things that Robbie did. I will come visit soon...promise! You and Kate can fight over me when I graduate! love you all so much