Thursday, March 27, 2008

And We're Off!

We are leaving today for a time of relaxation and fun! And, boy, do we need it!

We'll spend a few days at a legal conference, stop in to see the grandparents, and then head for the sun!

Can't wait to share all of my pictures with you, especially when Eveley's in her bikini!

In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful pictures of little Robbie getting his first taste of the beach in Clearwater, Florida. We went in March 2006, and Robbie took his first steps while we were there. He was only 9 months old.

Playing with Uncle Will

Snoozin' in the Sun

Robbie and Dadoo

Robbie and Aunt Beka (my brother Rob's wife)

All the Little Piggies

My Sunshine

Walking to Aunt Kate

Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere!


CMG's Mom said...

Have a great trip! We're going to be in Clearwater Beach in April!

myboysrock said...

Hey - I don't see your foot in the all the little piggies picture??