Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween, Hmm....

Okay. I know I should be reported to Child Protective Services, but I did not dress Eveley up for Halloween this year. Isn't that terrible???! I hope she will forgive me!

Of course, Robbie was much different. He was the first child and even got a cute "Mommy's Little Pumkin" shirt to sport for a few weeks prior to Halloween.

He was a monkey and loved chewing on his banana!

The second year, he was Elmo, of course. We had a fun church party but all he wanted to do was play with the stroller and eat his apple. What a healthy little eater!

Last year, we had another church party and Eveley was a ballerina.

But this year, we had nothing planned -- no church or friends party. At the last minute, Bob and I decided we were terrible parents for not coming up with something for Eveley's 2nd Halloween. So, I dressed her up in Robbie's Liberty overalls, and we took her to IHOP! (At least I remembered her Halloween bib!) I'm laughing my head off thinking how funny this sounds. It got worse. After sitting at our table for 30 minutes with no one coming to wait on us, we decided to leave. It was nearly 7 which is Eveley's bedtime and she can only color for so long.
So, we put her in the car, went through the drive-thru at Burger King and got her some "chicken" (I think if it comes in the shape of a crown, it is not chicken -- YUK!). Nevertheless, she loved it.

Oh well... Happy Halloween! =)


Clare said...

oh lauren, you should of come to the lake with us, although we only made it to ONE house...i don't think bradley was quite ready for the whole halloween thing!

Ryan and Marty said...

So, what is with all of the IHOP visits? You guys must really love your pancakes. =)


Shannon Self said...

Thanks fir the thank you card....haha. Next time your in the car with Eveley honk for me!!