Monday, November 17, 2008

My Grownup Christmas List

I know this song (by Amy Grant) carries with it a mature, adult perspective on one's Christmas list. And of course I wish for no poverty, sickness, starving children, pain or suffering. But I thought it would be fun to actually make a list of the "things" that I would love for Christmas (in case any loved one happens to be reading this...).

I love this diaper bag. I have a similar one for Eveley which is black and white. But this one is designed by Trista of the Bachelorette fame! Awesome!!

I do quite a bit of baking and would love one of these!

Am I the only person on the planet without Tivo? Even my parents have one!

Beautiful granite countertops . . . been asking for these for a while!

Need I say more?

I would love one of these planted in my front yard. I already have the perfect spot picked out!

I really could not handle one of these right now. But soon, we're going to have to get one. Our kids have always LOVED dogs, and these labs are so cute!

We spent last Christmas at the Greenbrier. It was wonderful and very luxurious! In one of their gift shops, they had a large, wooden wall calendar made by an artist. It came with interchangeable dates and blocks and was lovely. I've looked everywhere for something like this but can't find it. It would go perfectly at the "command central" portion of my kitchen. I'm still looking. Any ideas?

Boy, I sure wish my husband and brothers would do a blog post like this! That would make things easier.

I'd love to know what's on your grownup Christmas list!


Pumpkin Patch said...


Tivo is indeed one of the best inventions ever! I'm usually not into all the "high tech" gadgets, and we resisted getting on for a while. However, my parents gave one to us for our birthdays, and we LOVE it. We rarely watch commercials anymore, and we can record shows that come on late at night, since I'm an early to bed, early to rise kinda girl.

Hope all is well!


Anonymous said...

Well, I noticed in the next to last paragraph you mentioned you wish your husband and brothers had a blog for their wish list. What about your dad? Does this mean you have already bought my Harley?

Clare said...

LOVE your grown up christmas list...looks like a lot of things I would love too:)

Care said...

Well, I can't wait for you to open your gift from me!! I bought you those apples on the granite countertop! And i did that before I even read this! I love everything on your list. Wouldn't mind having some man's hands on me for Christmas, either:)

myboysrock said...

I would like a daily housekeeper for Christmas, please!

QuEEn oF tHe cAstLe said...

For Christmas...I would absolutely LOVE to be blessed with some rough and tumble little boys. I would NEVER complain about the fingerprints on the walls, having to sweep the extra dirt from mud pies, or extra loads of laundry from grass stained knees. :)

sammo64 said...

Lauren I love the list, and I hope you get everything. I do think of you often, and have enjoyed reading your blog. I found it through Katie's facebook. God has been so good to you and your husband. He has given you the great gift of PEACE!!! Does not mean everything is the way we want it, but His peace is all we need.

Dana Cash

Oatsvall Team said...

i could go for the massage and the TIVO ... we don't have it either and think we are the only ones in TN ..

Happy Thanksgiving sister ya!