Monday, March 17, 2008

The Big Day

For Christmas 2006, I bought my husband a kiddie seat for his bicycle. Knowing Robbie's love for outside, I thought this present would be perfect. And I was right. It was a hit!

Soon after Christmas, Bob assembled the seat and decided to give it a try. We bought Robbie a helmet (which was a difficult task since he is half "McCay"), and the boys rode off to spend one very memorable Saturday morning together. You can read more about that here.

The seat stayed on Bob's bicycle and, every now and then, we would glance at it leaning against the garage wall and wonder when it would be Eveley's turn.

This Saturday was the big day. Pop and Marme bought her a pink helmet, but we decided to let her wear her big brother's helmet for the inaugural ride. She loved it! Halfway through the 8-mile route, Bob felt something against his rear end. It was Eveley's big helmet resting on him. She was sound asleep.

Despite Daddy's sore muscles and Eveley's nap, I think this was the first of many Saturday morning bike rides together.


Anonymous said...

That is precious, however, I did not find the "McCay Bighead" reference amusing---Pop

Carrianna said...

Why is she so cute?? And why is Bob in that visor? :) I'm so glad he got to take her out. I love the pictures! And i'm glad she got a nap