Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Carrianna!

Today is my youngest sister's 21st birthday.

Carrianna and Robbie

Carrianna has always been referred to as "the perfect child." From the beginning, she was perfect. When she was a little girl, we would look for her and she would be in her bed asleep. She is sweet, gentle and such a giver!

Then there's the dramatic side of Carrianna. And it's pretty big! I wish I could upload some of our favorite home movies from when she was a little girl. They're hysterical. (Just ask her about her days as a songwriter. Our favorite song was "Have you ever felt that no one loves you." That may sound cruel, but, trust me, it was hilarious!)

My sisters, Kate and Carrianna

Will (our brother) and Carrianna

Carrianna and her boyfried (actually it's Will in a Halloween mask)

Carrianna is finishing up her BS in nursing. That's what she was created to be. When I was in the hospital after having Robbie, my husband needed to go home to rest so Carrianna stayed with me. She was a perfect nurse. She'll actually be going to Togo, Africa this summer on a nursing missions trip.

We love you Carrianna. Happy Birthday!!


Kimber said...

Happy Birthday Carrianna...beautiful name for a beautiful person. BTW Lauren...Is everyone in your family gorgeous?

Carrianna said...

Thanks so much, Lolly! That was so sweet of you! I'm glad everyone gets to see the many faces of Uncle Carney! I love you so much! Thanks again for the birthday gifts you sent!