Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Visit with Big Mama

So, it all started when I got married. It was a little awkward between Bob and my mother. He didn't know what to call her, and she didn't want him referring to her as Mrs. McCay or "Lauren's mother." As mom pestered Bob to choose a name for her, she began to offer suggestions. In various emails, she would sign her name with a different term, leaving it to Bob to pick the perfect one. In an effort at humor, she proposed Hot Mama, Mother Theresa, Mother of Pearl, and "Big Mama." Well, that was it. It stuck! Now, if you know my mother, the name hardly fits her. But it is kinda funny.

Mom came to visit this past Thursday, and we had a great time. I love having my mother here. That woman is a work horse and brings so many creative ideas to help me organize my home. I love that. Sometimes, I realize all the necessary projects but just don't enjoy doing them by myself. It's much more fun working with my mom while we chat.

We painted my guest bedroom, hung an upholstered headboard and new curtains (that my mom made me for Christmas), rearranged the nursery, organized the toys and baby clothes, and got rid of a ton of junk! I realized I am a pack rat! But, you never know when you may need the headphones to my college walkman or a fake purple flower arrangment.... Goodbye to Goodwill!

We also hosted a little playdate with some of my MOPS girlfriends and their kids. I wanted my friends and my mother to meet eachother.

Bob says I can't have a conversation without saying, "My mom says," or "Well, my mom does," and he's probably right! I love my mother (and my dad)! They really are the most selfless people I know, and they both have shown me and my 4 siblings true, unconditional love.

I have learned a million things from my mother. But, the most recent is how to sew! When I was in Tennessee in January, we bought a simple pattern and she taught me how to sew. There are too many cute fabrics for little girls, and I really enjoy it. Eveley wore a dress I made her today to church. I thought she looked adorable!

Mom left this morning. And even though it was a short visit, we got so much accomplished and had a ton of fun. We love you, Big Mama!


Allie said...

Wow, I'm impressed. You can sew?!?! Love the dress. She is such a doll

The Curly Redhead said...

She looked adorable in her dress on Sunday. And the photos with her friends are precious.

Anonymous said...

Well, Large Bob sure was glad to get Big Mama home. Your brother and I almost starved to death. We are really pitiful when mom is away!

Anonymous said...

I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and friend, who teaches and inspires me. I am humbly proud of you! (oxymoron?)

Anonymous said...

Bradley made it on your blog! I loved visiting with your Mom, and the whole blog looks so cute! I love the story of Eveley's birth, how amazing!!! Love, Clare

Kimber said...


Thank you for sharing your Mom with us. She is sweet and adorable just like you! I can see why you bring her into many conversations (according to Bob)...she is inspirational.