Monday, March 3, 2008

Like Brother, Like Sister

It's official. Eveley loves outside. Today, we had beautiful weather -- low 70s and sunny skies. Since my boss is on vacation this week, my schedule is a bit more flexible. So we headed outside for a walk.

We walked up the hill, around the neighborhood, and headed straight to the Chambers' to see if they could come outside and play! Fortunately, they love "Baby Eveley" and eagerly shared their swingset.

I enjoyed letting Eveley have her first taste (literally) of the outdoors. She found the gravel in the driveway just as appealing as her brother did. She too lit up when the neighbor's dog ran over to give her a lick. And, just like Robbie, she pitched a fit when it was time to return inside.

Eveley and I had a wonderful day enjoying the sun, the breeze, and the peaceful sights and sounds of creation. I'm sure Robbie could say the same!

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