Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Play "date"

This won't be a very long entry since I am exhausted and want to watch American Idol! But, I had to post a few pictures from our morning out.

I've been trying to take advantage of my flexible work week by taking Eveley out of the house to do fun things. We've played with the neighbors, ran errands, and today, we got to go to the mall! We met Bridget and the boys early this morning at the mall's play area. Eveley loved it. She is a real climber and seemed to enjoy being around so many other children. But, just like her brother, the main attraction to her was the gold electrical outlet in the floor right outside of the play area.

Parker seems to really like Eveley. He's very sweet to her. If you can't tell, the "slide" at the play area is the Declaration of Independence. We live in a very historical town! So, this was really an advanced, educational experience.

After the kids had their share of playtime, we ventured into the stores to do some shopping. The kids were great and we were able to get a fair amount of shopping done! Here are a few pictures of the kids socializing while the moms hurried in and out of the dressing rooms.

Graham and Eveley kept holding hands!

Until Parker took over!!

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she is just beautiful ... so glad you are blogging ... i have met the most amazing people and they encourage me so much in bloggerland... they are a treasure from the Lord ... you are just a beautiful mother inside and out ... can't wait to stay in touch and see how the Lord uses you and yours to touch many lives and change them forever !!!! love ya (and yes, you can call me Gwen now ...ha ha ha)